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The Art of Doing Less

As I write this blog I am seated on the back of a 50' luxury boat in Thompson's Bay, Rottnest Island.  The sky is a vibrant blue,  water is lapping against the boat, there is a light easterly sea breeze and I am sipping on a delightful French wine.  I am totally "in the zone" of the environment. My hosts and my friend have gone off to dive for crayfish (Western Rock Lobster) and the wonderful local fish, the Dhufish, and will be gone for some hours.

 As it is my first time on board, I am very much a only decision is how warm will I get before taking a swim in the crystal clear Indian Ocean!

I have also recently had a wonderful two weeks at my beachhouse north of was after the arrival of the new year and before the start of my business commencement season in February.  But even though I knew that I was there for relaxation, it actually took me a week or so to take on the do as little as possible, and never wear a watch holiday frame of mind. My e…