Whatever happened to good old fashioned manners?

A bouquet of mountain flowers, Villard Sur Chamby, Switzerland
So often these days when I am chatting on radio, or listening to people in malls, theatres and shopping centres I hear the question “What ever happened to good old fashioned manners?”

Manners do evolve and the good manners of the 21st century not only include the basic standards for politeness with each other but the guidelines for the electronic age of email, SMS, social networking and internet dating. And in this world global village, awareness of cross cultural etiquette is also really important.

I have been exploring these concepts for nearly 20 years. I draw on the knowledge I have gained by my involvement in the military, government and corporate environments in which I have lived and worked, regular international travel and client feedback. But perhaps more importantly I have gained by watching and helping my children grow into adults and blend into their worlds.

Your comments, insights, suggestions and questions are most welcome...about manners and any other matters which are important to you.