Love and Manners....

"Love means never having to say you are sorry" was the key message from the movie Love Story...but how true is it? The minefield of possible faux pas which surrounds the heart of love can explode...and how much “sorry” does it take to overcome the hurt and confusion of the person on the other end of a brain snap moment?

Manners and love are sometimes uneasy bedfellows. In any comfortable relationship there can become a tendency to be complacent with those we most love and to take for granted the love that is reciprocated.

The essence of good manners is respect and empathy for others. But how often, when stressed or upset, do we let the tone of discussion disintegrate into one of lack of empathy for the feelings and needs of someone we love? Perhaps it is the intrinsic nature of a true love that forgiveness is offered by the one who is hurt and gratefully accepted by the other.

And when the upset is over, how should we best overcome the air of disquiet that continues to pervade the atmosphere? By courtesy, consideration and charm....a warm smile, a gentle touch, and a genuine desire to restore pleasure and comfort to the relationship.

So, does love mean never having to say you are sorry?

I don’t think so.