Un-Marriage...and good Manners

I have just finished an evening with great friends for dinner.  I love cooking French-style  food here in Australia and the opportunity to get wild fresh  French asparagus (@$99 a kilo!) and wild French  mixed mushrooms (@$159 a kilo!) was a really good reason to put it all together with  a chicken and a lovely recipe from the Jura region. 

My friends were those who really know my cooking and enjoy sitting around my table.  My ex husband and father of my children, my 24 year old son (who provided wonderful French wines to complement the meal) and my dear friend Chrissie, who has lived around the world and is very tolerant....as she needed to be tonight!

Contrary to all the rules of polite conversation we discussed religion, sex and politics - sometimes at an interesting level of intensity between the ex and me!  But how nice it is, after a night of pleasant food, wine and stimulating conversation to be able to farewell my guests with a warm kiss and hug.

So often families which have "broken" are unable to bond on any level, even for the sake of their children.  I guess I am lucky, and privileged, to have been able with my "ex" to remain friends, and enjoy the friendship which was fortunately there all the time.  Our children are grateful for that bonding...and our manners have shown that they can stand the test of time.