Hackers and Spammers...and bad manners...

I have just returned from a really relaxing time at my beachhouse at Guilderton (Moore River) with some friends. It was fabulous to try new recipes, new wines, and new songs. My dogs had a wonderful time and I was also “doggie sitting”my sister’s dog so time at the beach exhausting the three of them was paramount. The weather was perfect for spring and I even managed to swim in the beautiful, but freezing cold,  Indian Ocean.

So on my return it was such a dampner to find that my personal email account had been hacked into – somehow – and “I ”had been sending out peculiar emails to all those in my contact list.

Apart from the inconvenience for all involved in changing to a new personal email address, it’s the time factor that is so annoying.

I am sure that you have all received spam regularly. But what place do bad manners have in all this? A major place. The very worst thing about hackers and spammers is that they are anonymous and we can’t even reply to them without doing possibly even more damage to our own computer environments. They hide behind their keyboards and I have developed a mental picture of the worst of them…no social skills, no connecting eye contact ….and definitely no manners.


  1. Louise, In the early days of my blog I hadn't installed the 'word verification' tool and after being online for a couple of weeks, I regularly received comments that had absolutely nothing to do with the content of my blog. Moreover, they all contained links to the kind of websites you want to avoid. I'm not going to mention the 'word' here as it may attract unwanted internauts who surf the internet looking for such sites. In the end I had no other option than to install the word verification, which works fine 99,99% of the time. Occasionally I still get an odd comment promoting a service or a product, but it's mostly harmless.

  2. Thanks for your insight Martine. The time has come for the word verification. It's amazing how much I have learnt this week in order to avoid the "nasties"out there!


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