Bali…the gentle people…and Flores….the unknown

A Balinese temple

I am leaving tomorrow for the islands of Bali and Flores in Indonesia. I don’t know much about Bali, as I am unlike the many Australians who visit regularly.

The few times I have visited I have found the people to be very gentle, and charming, the scenery spectacular and the shopping fascinating. But previously I have always stayed around the tourist areas of Kuta, Sanur and Legian. This time I am being much more adventurous and visiting the north and eastern coastlines, immersing myself in the culture of little fishing villages nestled around long, black sandy beaches.

A hilltop view in Flores

And then onto Flores, flying Batavia Air. The island of Flores lies to the east of Bali, and takes about an hour in the plane. It is a fairly large island and completely different in many ways to Bali, having been previously colonised by the Portugese.

I am always fascinated most by the people I encounter when I travel and I am sure my few weeks in Indonesia will be no different. As Confucius wrote: All people are the same, it is their habits which are different.



  1. Louise, What a fascinating trip! I hope you'll enjoy it discovering new places and meeting new people. Have fun! Martine


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