“Gypsies”… and best friends

The Bride and Groom
I have just had a lovely discussion with my closest friend and her husband. They have decided to relocate to the other side of the country and then see where life takes them. He has just turned 50 and she is looking forward to the “milestone” in January next year.

I introduced them 5 years ago. He is from Africa, a very proud Rhodesian, and she had left Australia and married an Indonesian man at the age of about 20 before returning 10 years ago with her daughter to start her next life chapter. Not only have we been great friends, but also business partners.

I hosted their wedding at my home 2 years ago and it was to our great delight, that after the simple ceremony when we went outside for champagne, two kookaburras assumed the role of sentinels on the columns over the pool. To this day, they have never returned.

The kookaburras watching the festivities

My friends'lives were connected by the innate understanding of different cultures and how to adapt to them. Both of them had to learn new languages for their relationships and work.  And languages are not necessarily only the vocal words but also the nuances of a different culture. Over the years we have had many conversations about cross cultural relationships and the compromises and indeed manners that accompany them. They have both taught me so much .

And so now they will depart and as self proclaimed "gypsies" they don’t know where their next chapter will take them. But I wish them God’s speed, and fair winds…and grateful thanks for allowing me to be part of of their journey.

Ruby was a spcial guest and dressed for the occasion


  1. That picture of the pool and the kookaburras is amazing! Almost too good to be a coincidence, especially as they haven't been back since! I'm happy for your friends, but I'm sure you will miss them. Although I don't know them, I wish them all the best too! Martine

  2. Thank you for your comment Martine. My friends, like the Kookas, will fly. But we will always be friends. The world is a small place and we will always find time for each other whereever we are....that to me is the essense of friendship

  3. The kookaburras look like two gardian angels. Ready, steady and...fly.

  4. That is such a lovely thought Damien. Thanks for your comment. I live in hope that they will return if only to seranade in the early morning light.

  5. The Gypsies are chasing crocodiles in Far North Queensland. What a fabulous country ... Australia! XXX

  6. I hope those special Gypsies don't get too close to those hungry salt water crocs!Enjoy stunning FNQ...and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef xxx


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