Boxing Day Sales...rude people...but good service...sometimes

Cottesloe Beach
Today I am going to take my daughter to the airport for her return to Sydney and then I am going join the crowds and try to get a new TV at a bargain basement price…and be amazed at the appalling manners of generally well behaved people during end of year sale season as they push and shove to get the “best” deal they can.  It will be quite a contrast to the quiet tranquility of Christmas and I am sure quite confronting.

Christmas Day was wonderful this year despite the heat. Here in Perth, Western Australia it reached 40 degrees and so it was difficult for me to relate to the icy conditions of Europe – they actually seemed rather appealing

As is traditional in my family, Christmas Eve was celebrated with a huge, traditional English-style dinner at my sister’s home. Christmas Day lunch was shared with my children and their father, and this year my menu included a few of the favourites of both deceased grandmothers. From the Italian grandmother a ravioli in a tomato cream sauce and vitello tonnato and from my mother a frozen Christmas pudding with mixed berries which had been “drowned”in Cointreau. And I cooked a turkey with a pistachio and cumquat stuffing which I served with asparagus and broccolini. (I’m sorry there are not photos to share but despite being fairly well organised I forgot to charge the camera!)

And then it was Boxing Day…traditionally a big day in sport in Australia with the launch of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race and the Boxing Day Ashes cricket series at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. And the Boxing Day shopping sales. All of which I avoided yesterday. I chose instead to go to Cottesloe beach for a swim with my daughter and fortunately avoided the little stinging jellyfish which are hovering near the shore in the hot weather and the flat seas.

Surf lifesavers icing a "stinger"bite (Photo WAN)
And now I am back from the expedition to buy a new TV.  Success!  And despite the fairly petulant behavior of some people queuing for 10 minutes or so at the cashier desk, the experience was positive.  The staff at Harvey Norman had obviously been extremely well briefed  They were caring, efficient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Online shopping has its advantages, but nothing beats good face to face service for me.


  1. I suppose you bought a flatscreen tv. In Belgium regular, old tv's are no longer allowed in retirement homes, because of the risk of implosion. For the same reason, my mother and I both bought a new flatscreen tv last year. They are so practical and less bulky that the old tv's.

  2. Martine you are so right. But somehow I still need my 25 year old son to get it working. It came out of the box with instructions and I've tried them all. And it still won't work!


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