Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girlfriends, Galahs and Guilderton…memories are made of this….

Final Year Photo CCGS 1973

I have just returned from a great week at my beachhouse at Guilderton, about 100 kms north of Perth. I had originally hoped to have 2 weeks there but it was not to be. So, 6 days it was and we certainly made the best of them. We laughed, cried, danced, sang, swam, cooked and drank too much wine – altogether a perfect “girl’s gettogether”

And it was a wonderful mix of my friends, one of whom I have known since we were 14 and attended the Canberra Church of England Girls Grammar School. As we were both children of military officers we also ended up sharing a dormitory in our last year of school as boarders. Our parents had been posted elsewhere and we revelled in our new found "freedom" in the boarding house together.

The galahs made nearly as much noise as the girls!

Another friend used to work with me in Malcolm Fraser’s office when he was Prime Minister. She and I have been organising a fundraising event here in Perth with the world renowned writer, Jeffrey Archer, who is coming to Australia to launch his new book. We were laughing to find out that one of our colleagues from the 1970’s now works for the Governor General and another for one of Australian Premiers…what a small world is the world of politics.

My friend Dianne, who was chased by the kangaroo recently (see my post Lazy Dayz of Summer)  made up the group for a few days. We have known each other for 12 years and met through my former husband…as we always say, it is so special when friendships can withstand the difficulties of divorce. Invariably some friends seem to be lost in the separation process.

And then on Friday I cooked a meal for my “newest” friend. Maggie and I met about 8 years ago when she and her husband, Norm, bought a beachhouse near mine in Guilderton. She is the kind of person who everyone loves…she makes us laugh, she helps us to cry when necessary and now she needs us all very much. Her wonderful husband died suddenly at the end of November. She has always enjoyed my risotto so it was my great pleasure to cook her a favourite meal and share a tear and great memories.
The Moore River meets the ocean at Guilderton

I have always found that friendships can have their ups and downs. Our lives and the choices that we make, the divorces and deaths that we endure, all have an impact. But to have girlfriends who can weather the years and remain loyal friends to me is a blessing. And I hope to nurture these friendships into our twilight years.

The sunset from my verandah is spectacular


  1. Let me guess ... are you the third girl from the left in the middle row?
    Great photo by the way. I have several of these old school photos myself and I really cherish them because of the nice memories that are attached to them. Martine

  2. Martine, actually I am the last one on the right in the back row. I hope I have improved with age like a good wine! Yes, I treasure the old photos. particularly some of the less formal ones, which remain hidden from sight.