Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women...then and now...

I don't know who did the underlining...not me!
I have  just returned from being the “Master of Ceremonies” should that be “Mistress”? at an International Women’s Day luncheon for the Centenary of International Women's Day.  I am the Patron of the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre which was a co-sponsor for the event. I don’t actually do much as the Patron other than assist at official functions. But I meet amazing people. And today was no exception.
(Photo Julie Williams)
After a Welcome to Country by a local indigenous elder, a practice which is now common in Australia, we heard some inspirational speeches. From women who came to the country as migrants with little or no English and have achieved wonderful things…for themselves and their families; to young women who are choosing paths of international modelling opportunities; or “expressing themselves” in wonderfully artistic ways.

My dear friend, Carol Hanlon, the CEO of the Belmont BEC was last night inducted into the first Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame. She is a tireless worker for migrant women, establishing courses for them to start their own micro businesses. And not only here in Australia but in the Philippines.

My daughter sent me some time ago this 1955 Good Housekeeping Article…and we had a good laugh over it. But it is a timely reminder of the choices and voices which she and I have in  2011. And while we can endeavour to keep the momentum for equality and opportunity for women in our lucky country, in so many countries around the world, women have no choice and certainly no voice. They need our help.


  1. I've utterly enjoyed the "good wife's guide". Here in my country the salaries disparities between men and women for the same job and qualification is still an issue, especially but non only in the private sector. What about in your country?

  2. It is very similar. Figures published yesterday showed a 17% average wage difference but in my state it was 25.6%!! So, still a long way to go in the equality stakes. Thanks so much for your comment