Masterchef Australia...and table manners... or not?

I read a comment the other day about the table manners being displayed by the judges on Masterchef Australia.  And I had to agree.  At what stage did licking the knife become any style of good table manners?

Apparently one of the judges, when asked about his manners, responded that his grandmother had taught him table etiquette and that it was, on occasion, OK to break the rules…does national television equate to “on occasion”?
With a vast television audience, multicultural and across all age groups – with respect, a great achievement by the programme – I would have thought that  this occasion would be one where the judges would in fact endeavour to “put their best foot forward”… closely followed by their best table manners. Hopefully tonight’s Grand Final will allow them to showcase their etiquette skills.

It’s not old fashioned…it's just good table manners.
Good luck to the finalists, Kate Bracks and Michael Weldon. I will be watching and applauding their efforts... and viewing the table manners of their erstwhile judges.


  1. I think Masterchef Australia is a great show. It's amazing how talented some people are ... When I watch that show I realize what a poor cook I am :)! As for licking your knife, I consider it as very bad manners and ... dangerous too.

  2. The contestants are able to produce some amazing dishes under such stressful conditions...I will keep trying in my kitchen! Yes, perhaps one of the worst things one can do at the table is lick the knife...thanks for your comment Martine

  3. there are many kinds of table manners but the basic manners are compile by foxydeltan in his post at (25 Manners You Should Teach Your Kids)

  4. Thank fou for your comment anonymous. I have visited the link and found it absolutely in line with my thinking!


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