A New Year, Wild Birds, Manners and Good Wishes....

The galahs, following a pecking order for feeding at the clam shell (photo the author)

Another year is about to begin.  I am glad to be leaving this one behind. Despite some wonderful opportunities and experiences in the earlier part of the year, such as travel through the North Cook Islands in the South Pacific, even on the ghastly SV Discovery South Pacific Expedition; and a lovely trip to France where I could practice my French language skills and indulge in the wonder of the markets, little towns and the landscapes of Brittany, the last quarter was one of sadness.

"Is it your turn or mine to eat now?" (photo the author)

But my own situation was rendered insignificant by the terrible suffering of people throughout the world this year; the violent impact of Mother Nature when she is angry; the fear of the persecuted; the anxiety about economic meltdown around the globe;  in Australia the devastation of bushfires and floods; and for two of my acquaintances the loss of children in tragic road accidents.

"Ok, if you feed me I will stop making so much noise!" (photo the author) 

I have recently enjoyed a few days at my beach house.  I feed the local wild birds…the galahs, or as we refer to them here “the pink and greys”. They are cheeky, and unfussed by my presence nearby on the verandah.  Their freedom, their manners, a very obvious “pecking order” at the feedbowl which is the clam shell, intrigue me and gave my guests and me enormous amusement. 

This week I was also introduced to the band Elbow. I hope you enjoy this clip of their song “One Day Like This” with the BBC Concert Orchestra. It's about having a beautiful day.

 Happy New Year. I hope 2012 brings happiness, love, laughter and serenity to your lives.


  1. Happy New Year to you Louise, your daughter and your loved ones!! I guess it's almost/already (?) 2012 in Australia. We still have another 12.15 hours of 2011 to go. And it's a rainy and dreary day; the kind you wished it were over already. Martine

    P.S. Love the bird. They really look like great fun to watch!

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts Martine. To you and yours I wish a wonderful New Year and a 2012 which fulfills your expectations.


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