Waiting for Kangaroos...

A kangaroo in the distance under the tree in the centre of the picture (taken with my iPhone)

I am having a night away from home, staying with a friend who has a B & B south of Perth, Western Australia.

The B & B "Piazza di Caro", Lake Clifton, Western Australia

Having been in tropical north Queensland last week I am now in the arid and dry landscape of an area which has had enduring searing 38-40 degrees all summer; in the bush, waiting for the sunset to arrive to see the wild kangaroos come into feed on the grass just outside of my room.

 B & B in Malanda, Far North Queensland (photo the author)

This incredible difference between the north east and south west of Australia reminded me about the vastness of this wonderful, mystical land I call home.
"Tame" kangaroo (photo a fellow traveller)

Tonight, it's all about wild kangaroos...