Monday, June 29, 2015

Robbery, Violence, Reality...and Manners...

Beautiful Bordeaux

I am really angry today...

After having my son brutally bashed two years ago in Bordeaux on the last evening of our mother/son road trip in France by people who only wanted his money and didn't get his passport,  but in doing so crushed three vertebrae at the bottom of his spine the night we were due to fly home to Australia... today in Australia where I too have been the victim of thieves...or a thief.  But unlike the situation in France, when my son was the victim of probably illegal migrants who needed money I was the victim, in an affluent suburb, in a regular supermarket, of someone who just took my wallet from my credit card was "hacked" within the 30 minutes in which I realised I had been robbed.

Our world has been traumatised in last few days by terrorist attacks in three nations on three continents...our values have been assaulted by the horror of these circumstances. Additionally, at the same time, one country has had its banks closed because of its economic circumstances; other countries will be today bearing the repercussions of that situation.

There is no correlation between the situation which is occurring in Europe with the insurmountable, ongoing tragic migrant situation,  the global economic chaos which is reigning, and the robbery which I encountered annoyance is irrelevant and inconsequential compared to the plight of those confronted by such terrible circumstances.

We are so very lucky to live in our country...why make it unpleasant?  Why not extol the virtues we have, and live in peace with one another.  As  Confucius said " All people are the same, it is their habits which are different..."

To the person who took my wallet, I hope you truly needed the few dollars which it contained...the credit cards no longer have value.


  1. Well said! Hope there are no lasting repercussions.

  2. Thanks for your comment Gaynor...I don't think there will be lasting repercussions, just a lot of cards, drivers licence, etc....