A new/old Beachhouse...Filled with past Memories and those still to be made...

My journey as a "rookie renovator" is almost at an end.

Six months ago I began the journey when I bought full equity in a beach house I shared, as told here.
I have learnt so much from a great group of local "tradies" who all worked together, with impeccable manners shown towards each other and the rookie renovator!

The kitchen has always been the hub of the house for me...I gain enormous pleasure from cooking for family and friends.  The "new" kitchen is open plan and has a great use of light.

The back room opposite the kitchen and beyond the lounge room was opened up by removing the dividing wall, et voila, a huge, modern open space.

To all of those who assisted me with thoughts, advice, corrections, hugs, wines and laughs, many thanks...you all know who you are.

Geoff the 'project manager' and Steve 'handyman extraordinaire'

Geoff was such a great teacher and support
The old kitchen with little light
The new kitchen with the bench facing the view of the ocean
The rest of the house has enjoyed old/new furniture.  The cane lounge setting I bought when I was 19...and it was great to paint it white and give it a new look.  The dining setting has been in my family for decades...and for the remainder, I became a great fan of Ikea!

Old lounge room with another room to the right, now opened

The new lounge room is bathed in light with views of the river and ocean

A housewarming gift...let the good times roll!


  1. Bravo. What a difference the renovations have made. I hope it brings you much enjoyment. Best wishes

  2. Thanks Gaynor...I must say it was a definitely a labour of love! Many nights camping without power in the middle of winter with the little dogs as company...a real adventure for me!


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