I Still Call Australia Home...a Transcontinental Journey...

I haven't been to Europe this year and will have to wait until next year to visit now.  There are a number of reasons why, mainly my family related visits to Sydney from my home in Perth,  but also because I have had friends visiting from overseas and interstate and the renovations on my beach house have continued.  

While I have kept up with my French language online courses following my visits to the Institut de Français I have missed the interaction with living as a local in a little French village and testing my language skills particularly during my visits to the weekly markets.

But the advantage has been that I have been able to appreciate much of my own country.  My regular trips across my country offer the most fabulous panorama of the landscape.  I have been enchanted by the changing vistas offered as I peer down from a window seat.  I hope you enjoy my transcontinental picture journey.

Leaving Western Australia and the dry landscape behind
The beautiful southern most coastline of Western Australia
The Great Australian Bight...from West to East
Over the verdant landscape of South Australia, and into New South Wales ...
The East coast was much greener than the West coast last summer

...before magnificent Sydney harbour comes into view as the sun is setting.

The Harbour Bridge in the background is a welcoming beacon to Sydney

The flight between Perth and Sydney takes about four and a half hours.  For me it is time to relax, and to prepare myself for the joy that two little toddler grandchildren will give me in the days  that follow.


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