Cooking Shows...and Grammar

It's the season for long, languid lunches in my courtyard
Having had an afternoon cooking and simultaneously watching a cable cooking channel I have been annoyed by the number of presenters who use the " we" when speaking to their television audience: "Now we take our eggs, break them into our bowl..." etc.

We, the audience, are not there with the presenter; they are joined by a camera operator, lighting operator and others to assist in their presentation, none of whom are helping with the actual cooking process.

Prawns and oysters to start...

By the time "We are now plating our meal" was announced, I was so removed from the whole experience that irrespective of how delightful the menu appeared, I was distracted and uninterested in its outcome.

Language is continuely evolving, but irrespective of whatever language we are speaking, or learning, we should try to grasp the correct use of its grammar.

The taste of summer...

Television is such a great educator for us all, but also an efficient instrument for depleting that which is important in good spoken skills.