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Her Majesty The Queen...and me...

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Photo:  The West Australian) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Perth, Western Australia tomorrow afternoon.  There is great excitement among those who are traditional Monarchists and also those who will meet and greet her as the Australians who will probably vote for a Republic in the not too distant future. Quite aside from politics, Her Majesty has reigned as Head of the Commonwealth since she became the Queen in 1952.  This remarkable lady has outlasted many Prime Ministers, Presidents and Heads of State during her reign.  One can only imagine the stories she is able to tell about them. And certainly from the public images we have, Her Majesty has seen the change of century, world tribulations, crises, technical innovations and more with courtesy and graciousness. My family were staunch monarchists.  I remember my mother taking my sister and me down to stand under one of the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1963 to catch a distance gl