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Spring...of Dogs, Love...and Transformations...

Cindy and Ruby watching the spring rain overflow, Gingin, WA  I have had a break from blogging for three months for no reasons, other than "blogger's block", and travel opportunities which unfortunately cooincided with my making some rather substantial renovations to my home.  With the arrival of spring and my decision not to "downsize" just yet, a long overdue "cosmetic transformation" was made on my home of 22 years. The "transformation" begins, August 2013 And during the transformation, some changes occurred in my family as well.  I find that each year the arrival of spring tends to bring on not only nature's transformations but life's as well, some welcome, others not. The most important transformation has been for my daughter and her husband. Spring ushered in their news that they are expecting their first child together, and my first grandchild, in autumn next year; already I have a room in newly renovated