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Spring has Arrived...with Rosebuds and Romance...

The wisteria is in bloom around the pool Finally, after a very long and wet winter here in Western Australia, spring has sprung with full force, reminding us that she is here, encouraging new life and new opportunities.  The blue skies, the scattered rain showers making the heads of the newly emerging rosebuds shine, and the spring in my step as I walk my dog in the morning, remind me of the power of nature and the effect of the seasons on me. Ruby and I love our early morning walks A protracted dose of painful and exhausting shingles overwhelmed me throughout autumn and winter...the cold and wet days, the grey skies and blustery winds all contributed to my malaise.  I realised, again, that I am a "victim" to the brightness of the skies, the calm of the air and the green of the foliage around me. The Chinese Tallow trees are bursting with new leaves But life goes on and some months ago, I was asked to give an interview about the etiquette of