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Back to the Future in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands...

Moored off South Island (photo the author 2007) I am returning in a few days to the island paradise of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands  after an absence of nine years. It is with mixed emotions, I must admit.  The last time I spent Anzac Day   on Cocos was April 2007;  I took up my late father's headstone for his grave, he had died on New Year's Eve 2006.   My father's grave in 2007 (Photo the author) While I am  again visiting for Anzac Day and ready to enjoy all of the commemorations which accompany such an important memorial day on a remote island, I am wanting to show my partner, and fellow avid snorkeller, the beauty of a remote part of Australia, visited by few.  He has a milestone birthday due in a few months, and so by way of a birthday tribute I felt a visit to this island paradise would be a fitting gift. And the gracious man that he is appreciates that there will be moments of the past which I will lay to rest. I made a speech at the Anzac Day se