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Autumn …leaves, memories and reflections….

The autumn tonings are showing in my trees and the wisteria vines... My two favourite seasons here in Western Australia are autumn and spring, and somehow they affect me the same way...positively...despite that metaphorically autumn is aligned with the coming of the end of…life, relationships, and more;  while spring signifies new life, new beginnings. For me autumn is a time of gentle beauty;   and reflection.   Because the climate here is not overly distinctive between the seasons,  as it is in the east of Australia, having mild temperatures in autumn and spring,   mild to hot summers and mild to cold winters, with never a snow flurry, the leaves on the trees are often the first indicator that the season is about to change. The autumn sky is a vibrant blue but the pool water is too chilly for me to swim... I planted, in front of my house, five deciduous trees 25 years ago and every year when their first leaves begin to either fall or turn to a beautiful shade o