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Sex…Manners…and Fifty Shades of Grey…

The trilogy of erotic books which started with the e-book   “Fifty Shades of Grey” . has resulted, apparently around the world, in increased adult shop sales of sex toys and  in an extraordinary amount of internet “chat” about the relevance of the manners involved in “modern” sexual practices.  Certainly I have had more than the average number of emails requesting advice about the manners involved in intimate relationships, and the boundaries which can be crossed, or not crossed…and how to discuss those boundaries politely. I respond that I am not in the business of sexual advice, but etiquette and manners.   But I can offer a few words of common sense, I hope, which will assist when people are responding to requests in their intimate lives which are possibly uncomfortable. The most important premise is to be true to yourself.  When love “is the hero in the story, one’s intuition can be placed under general anaesthetic”  as a Swiss friend wrote to me…and while I am s

Food, Fun and Sisters…

A popular French style shop in Perth My sister and I had a great day on Friday.   We went to the Perth Good Food and Wine Show…a showcase of the best of Australian produce, wine, products and celebrity cooks. We took the bus into the city…or the Green Mercedes as she calls it!  I rarely use public transport here in Perth, but with the skyrocketing price of parking because of the overall lack of parking spaces it was an obvious solution.  And a great opportunity for one of my favourite past times, people watching. $5.00 Australian = $5.12 US &  €4.20. Not cheap!! The show was well patronised, even on a Friday.  It is school holiday time here and so there were families as well as foodies like us. After tasting some wonderful local olive oils and vinegars we felt ready to start sampling the wines.   After buying tasting glasses which could hang around our necks we headed to the Barossa Valley, South Australian wine stand to start with Australian sparkling wine…a g

Girlfriends and a Beachhouse....Perfect!

A Guilderton pelican "overseeing" the fishermen Over the years  I have supported, and been supported by, my special girlfriends at my beachhouse.  It is situated only one hour north of Perth and as so is easily accessible for last minute invitations...and spontaneous  visits. Last weekend I rang my girlfriend, Diane,  at the last minute and said as the weather was going to be perfect, with chilly mornings but twenty degree temperatures during the day (yes, winter in Perth is wonderful!). I was going to head north for a few days and I wondered if she wanted a break from home.  As her husband was away working, she enthusiastically  said yes, and "what can I bring?" A very Australian habit is to take food and wine when staying away with friends. Diane watching the Moore River flow into the Indian Ocea n, a rare occurrence Saturday dawned with bright sunlight, after a few weeks of grey winter gloom, which renders me utterly despondent.  I would prefer to