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Miss World Australia, Masterchef Australia...and Manners...

Some of the contestants and the author at Crown Perth, Western Australia...wearing beautiful  Linney's Pearls It was a wonderful surprise to recently have my company, The Percy Institute of International Protocol , invited to enter a partnership with The 2015 Miss World Australia  pageant which is being held in Perth, Western Australia in August this year.  My role is to coach and mentor the contestants  on the various aspects of modern manners which will enable them to enhance the experience of representing not only their State but also perhaps their country. In my coaching role... A few weeks ago I first met the young ladies who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They were looking forward to enjoying the experience and personal development which entry in the pageant promised, some of them more confidently than others. I spoke with them about grooming and personal presentation, deportment, modern manners, and dining etiquette in both formal and