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I Still Call Australia Home...a Transcontinental Journey...

I haven't been to Europe this year and will have to wait until next year to visit now.  There are a number of reasons why, mainly my family related visits to Sydney from my home in Perth,  but also because I have had friends visiting from overseas and interstate and the renovations on my beach house have continued.   While I have kept up with my French language online courses following my visits to the Institut de Fran├žais  I have missed the interaction with living as a local in a little French village and testing my language skills particularly during my visits to the weekly markets. But the advantage has been that I have been able to appreciate much of my own country.  My regular trips across my country offer the most fabulous panorama of the landscape.  I have been enchanted by the changing vistas offered as I peer down from a window seat.  I hope you enjoy my transcontinental picture journey. Leaving Western Australia and the dry landscape